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What the Metallum logo stands for

The Metallum logo is made up of four symbols, standing for the metals tin, copper, zinc and lead. These symbols were "secret signs" of the alchemists – the chemists and metallurgists of the middle ages. In the belief that metals were the work of supernatural powers, they ascribed particular powers to them. They were named after the Gods of Ancient Rome, which in turn had "counterparts" within Greek mythology. These symbols were ultimately created from derivations from the Greek alphabet.

Symbol for tin


The symbol for tin referred to the ancient God Jupiter (Zeus in Greek), the father of the Gods. Jupiter (or Zeus) was regarded as the creator of thunder. Copper is turned into bronze by adding tin. Tin provides the copper with the necessary hardness, just as it provides bells with their thundering sound, hence the connection to Zeus. Copper is turned into bronze by adding tin. 

Symbol for copper


The alchemists ascribed copper to the Goddess Venus (Aphrodite in Greek) since copper was mined in Roman times in Cyprus where, according to tradition, the Goddess Venus was supposed to have been born.

Symbol for zinc


Zinc is not one of the seven metals that were already known in the Middle Ages. As a result, a more detailed explanation for this symbol cannot be given.

Symbol for lead


The alchemists associated this metal with the God Saturn (Kronos in Greek). Lead was capable of dissolving ("devouring") other metals, just like the God Kronos, who swallowed his own children with the aim of securing a long life for himself.